Did you know that by moving to Australia's capital, you are entering into a contract for your destiny? Australia is on the forefront of a Spiritual Awakening and you are here as part of it! It's an exciting time for everyone to connect with a higher consciousness that shapes the direction of a Nation. In particular the Nation of Australia.

Even historically, the Indigenous people have a major spiritual heritage that has saturated this land. The Explorers had an intimate connection and now you are here for the next stage of your journey!

That's where I'd like to help you.

Hi, my name is Sapphire Spring and I'm a Certified Angel Card Reader and Intuitive. Over many years of my life, I've experienced many spiritual pathways including two mainstream religions. However, I've discovered that no matter which pathway you take in life, there are Angels there to assist you.The majority of religions and belief systems acknowledge the presence of Angels. They are non-denominational and are present to assist and support your life's journey. No matter if you don't have a particular belief, you can still call on the Angels for help.

I run a discreet Angel card reading service that is there to serve as a point of contact with the Angels.There is so much information you can receive through a reading that can guide you to make major life choices. I do readings via email so you don't even need to take time out of your busy day to make a visit anywhere. You have a number of different packages available to suit different budgets and security through PayPal.

I do specialise in Life Purpose readings. You have been brought to this place, Australia's Capital,for such a time as this. Wouldn't you like to know what purpose you're here for?